What can you cover?

If the unfortunate happens, we will repair or replace your item as fast as we can! We currently cover the following items and we're in the process of adding more.






Home AV






Personal Electronics

Sporting & Camping Equipment

Jewellery & Watches

What’s covered at home

Rest assured knowing your item is covered for theft if it’s stolen from your home, as well as events such as fire, storm, cyclone and flood.

  • Theft

  • Fire

  • Storm

  • Cyclone

  • Flood

Optional cover

Some portable items also have options to extend cover for theft and/or accidental damage. For a small amount you can have peace of mind anywhere in Australia. You’ll see these options on the applicable item pages with the ability to toggle on and off.

  • Theft cover anywhere in Australia

    Don’t be stressed about theft outside your home. This is ideal for portable items like your camera or laptop.

  • Accidental damage anywhere in Australia

    You can cover certain items for unintentional acts or unforeseen and uncontrollable incidents, such as knocks/drops or liquid spills.


This is the amount you will need to pay towards making a claim for each item, whether it’s for repair or replacement.

Proof of Ownership

If the unfortunate happens and you need to make a claim, you’ll need to add proof of ownership such as a receipt or photo of the item.

Police Reports

If you’re unlucky enough to have your item stolen, you will need to provide a police report number when making a claim.

Need to know more?

Being an insurer means we have to tell you everything you need to know. It's all written in our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). You can also check out FAQ or send us an email.

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